28th of September 2022

Alder Therapeutics secures 20msek seed funding

27th September 2022, Stockholm, Sweden. Alder Therapeutics AB secured 20MSEK seed financing to advance its stem cell therapy programs towards the clinical stage. The round was co-led by Flerie Invest AB and Linc AB (publ).

Upon reaching certain development milestones, Alder will receive an additional 14.4 MSEK co-investment, also equally split between Linc and Flerie Invest. Linc’s and Flerie Invest’s ownership will be 29% following the initial seed funding round. Following the potential additional investment round the ownership would be 41%.

The proceeds will be used to develop two of Alder’s initial stem cell therapy programs and to build the team to drive these programs forward. “Kristian Tryggvason and colleagues have experience building a successful cell therapy reagents company, Biolamina AB, and we are happy to join the current shareholders from Biolamina and the founders, as well as Linc in advancing the pioneering allogeneic stem cell platform of Alder.”Ted Fjällman, Partner at Flerie invest comments. Karl Tobieson, CEO, Linc. continues, “The commercial prospects of pluripotent stem cell therapies are very high and can change the way people will be treated in the future, we are happy to be part of the Alder journey together with Flerie Invest”.

”Alder’s unique platform aims at making stem cell therapies easier and more cost-effective to manufacture. This has advantages in the development of many types of stem cell therapies”, says Kristian Tryggvason, CEO and Founder of Alder Therapeutics. ”We are therefore extremely honored that two experienced, respected and active investors like Flerie Invest and Linc have chosen to work together with us and to kick-start Alder’s journey”.

About Linc AB

Linc invests in product oriented companies in the Nordic Life Science industry. We mainly invest in and develop small and medium-sized product oriented life science companies in Medical Technology and Pharmaceuticals. The investments are made in both private and public companies and in research and operational companies. Typically, investments in drug development take place in an early phase compared with investments in medical technology. Linc is an active and long-term owner with a broad industrial network to support the portfolio companies. We work together with management, founders and the board to realize the inherent potential that exists in the company, have ambitious plans for further development and expansion and actively participate in the nomination committee’s work.

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About Flerie Invest AB

Flerie Invest is an active long-term global biotech and pharma investor based in Stockholm and London managing a portfolio of over 30 companies in Europe, Israel and the US. The focus is on enabling pioneering organisations operating in the drug development and services space to succeed by providing them with resources and expertise. The portfolio includes a wide range of areas including immuno- oncology, metabolic diseases and biologics development and manufacturing organisations which have the potential to make a significant impact on health and wellbeing. Flerie

Invest was founded in 2010 by Thomas Eldered, who also co-founded and built Recipharm to be one of the world’s top five pharmaceutical contract manufacturers. For more information, please visit

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